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Postby AlcyoneSong » Mon Jun 13, 2016 1:41 am

Hi there,

I'm new to this board and community. I'm a seasoned role player with experience in many genres although I prefer science fiction and general fantasy overall. I enjoy the creative process, making new friends, and the interchange with other people working through ideas and concepts to a final story. I can play canon characters as well as my own original characters from time to time.
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Re: Hello

Postby Culus Malum » Mon Jun 13, 2016 4:52 am

elo m8, welcome aboard.
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Culus Malum
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Re: Hello

Postby Xenotaris » Mon Jun 13, 2016 12:12 pm

Welcome to our splice of Rp Haven
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Re: Hello

Postby Mavrickindigo » Mon Jun 13, 2016 2:16 pm

Glad to see you join us! ope you enjoy it.
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