The Good, the Bad, and the Metropolitan (Pathfinder)

The Good, the Bad, and the Metropolitan (Pathfinder)

Postby Mavrickindigo » Thu Nov 08, 2012 11:11 pm

Welcome to the new thread for my Pathfinder Campaign: The Good, the Bad, and the Metropolitan. Herein you will find discussion, rules, and other information about the campaign. I hope to make this thread to be much more friendly than the previous one, to allow newcomers to come in and enjoy it with little to know questions for it.

What is this
"The Good, the Bad, and the Metropolitan" is a Pathfinder Campaign that I originally designed for a story that I did with my friends. Originally it was to have two groups, a good, and an evil group. The two groups would meet at various points of the story. Both groups were GMed by a different person, but for one reason or another, things dissolved. So I reworked it as a single City-based (for the most part) campaign designed to help people new to the system, but not so new to the site, learn the ropes before getting into more advanced stuff.

What's it about?
"The Good, The Bad, and the Metropolitan" takes place in the City of Absalom in the Inner Sea Region of the Pathfinder Role Playing Game's Campaign Setting of Golarion. Golarion is a composite of various popular fantasy genres in one world, and Abasalom is a giant island city in the middle of it with many slices of city life to be found behind one set of walls.

The party will play as citizens or visitors of the city, who become heroes through circumstance and find themselves mixed up with the criminal underworld.

What can I play?
You are able to play any race or class from official Paizo publications. Wanna play a Drider Gunslinger? Go ahead. Wanna play a human fighter? Go ahead. Wanna make up your own race? Let's look over the Race Builder taht comes with the "Advanced Race Guide!"

I want to make a new character
Download the Character Sheet attached to this post and make a character following standard rules, with these in mind
We will use traits, so pick 2 traits from the Advanced Player's Guide
We are level 2
We roll hit dice, but the difference is you will always have at least half of your total hp from each roll. Have a d6 for hit dice? 1-3=3, 4=4, 5=5, 6=6, you get it.
Ability scores use a 18 16 14 12 10 8 spread. place them in the abilities you will.
Use standard gold for your character (1,000 for level 2)

Anything Else I should know
I may be an easygoing guy, but I run a tight ship. I expect you to be in some sort of regular contact with me, or, at the very least, to show up to every session. If you miss a session, that's cool, but if you miss three sessions in a row with now acceptable excuse, I will assume you are no longer interested in the campaign and will remove you from the party.
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Re: The Good, the Bad, and the Metropolitan (Pathfinder)

Postby Mavrickindigo » Thu Nov 08, 2012 11:27 pm

The Story so Far
A group of citizens in Absalom find themselves in an abandoned courthouse where a murder and a trial had taken place 10 years ago. They find out that the vengeful spirit of a wrongly-accused man wants them all dead. He kills his former jurers one by one, but the heros band together and solve the mystery. The last remaining juror, Paladin of Iomadae, Sir Rekkart Cole, invites them to a party at his house one month later. They have become heroes and some of the town's wealthiest want to know who they are. Unfortunately, the cook for the evening was late and the party decides to go find him, only to discover that a diabolical plot saw that his cottage was ransacked and his wizard wife's golem was wreaking havoc on his kitchen. They save him and earn a free meal to be redeemed at any time and the friendship of a fairly powerful elven wizard.

About a week has passed since then, and Sir Cole has discovered that the man responsible for stuffing them in the courthouse to begin with, an old friend of the vengeful spirit, Sveth, is reportedly hiding out at a drug den. The party joins forces with some mercenaries and the town guard to find him. While in the bust, they discover a Half-Blue Dragon Archelon Man named Don Leondardo. Don Leo, as he likes to be called, offers to give Sveth to the party in return for the party to leave him and his "legitimate business" alone and for the Paladin of the group to go on a dinner date with him. She agreed and went to the restaurant. Now she is going on a moonlit stroll with him, but the party wants to follow and take Don Leo down.

Player Characters

Alice Azra Female Lizardfolk Ninja - Alice is a quiet woman, and a sister to the paladin of the party, Claire

Claire Azra Female Lizardfolk Paladin - Claire lived her life in swamplands in the continent north of the Island of Kortos. One day a Paladan of Sarenrae named Isabella came across Claire after being injured in battle. Claire nursed her back to health and the two became fast friends, forming a deep bond. Isabella had to return to her home and Claire offered to come with her to learn the ways of her goddess and to bridge their two worlds together. Unfortunately, Isabella died in service a few months ago, and left an inheritance to Claire, which is still being battled in court. It was her relationship to Isabella that landed her in the courthouse, for Isabella served on the jury on that fateful day.

Cress Balsa Female Human Fighter - Not much is currently known of the fighter known as Cress. She seems to be connected to one of the city guard orginazations of Absalom, but other than that, she has not spoken much to her comrades. despite her relative newness in her lifestyle, Cress shows exlempary aptitude, perhaps due to an intriguing lineage?

Maitae Ru'Nes Female Drow Wilder - A fairly typical example of Drow nobility. Cunning, ruthless, wicked, and an ambitious schemer. She was destined for great things, she'll tell you, but her castle of cards crumbled around her due to the awakening of psionic potential within her. Fed by the dark and sadistic urges that were natural to her, her rare talent was deemed to dangerous to exist within the power dichotomy of the Darklands and her assassination was planned. Clumsily executed, she managed to escape to the surface, where she uses her rare talents to eke out a living amongst the surface folk and hopefully carve a new seat of power for herself.

Metanthros Elo'Dora Male Elf Destined Sorcerer - Metanthros is a man of scientific curisoity. A teacher at one of Absalom's schools, his magic is more an accident of his birth than any part of his study. That isn't to say that he isn't fascinated with his abilities, and tries to study anything scientific and magical that he can find. He's an oddity in the fact that he seems to be a wizard trapped in the body of a sorcerer. Noting comes above knowledge to Meta, to the point that he often puts himself or even his allies in danger. Meta's current teaching position came after the previous teacher died. Unfortunately for him, that previous professor was a juror at the Beldrin's Bluff courthouse during the case of Jarbin Mord, and because of that, he found himself in the courthouse.

Mr. Rafiki Lo Male Tiefling Magus - Rafiki is a fan of books and an adventurer at heart.
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Re: The Good, the Bad, and the Metropolitan (Pathfinder)

Postby Mavrickindigo » Fri Nov 09, 2012 1:41 am

Playable Races
Aasimar- Humans descended from celestials. Aasimars appare in all countries of the world of Golarion. Many tend to be good, but there are those who are evil and exploit stereotypes of their race.
Catfolk- Anthropomorphic cats. Mostly tribal and nomadic living in plains and jungles and the like, there are also city-dwelling catfolk who live much like street cats, as rogues and the like. Though there are a few prominent families among the city's elite.
Changeling- Women descended from Hags. Many Changelings of Absalom are bastard children of sailors and those they think are women of the night.
Centaur. Not many Centaurs live in Absalom, because there aren't too many horses on the island of Kortos either. Most Centaurs are immigrants or desceneded from recent immigrants.
Dhampir- Half-Vampire. LIke many major metropolitan area, there is a vampire or two around, and they may be able to pass their curse to children.
Drider- Drow mutated into monstrous Spidertaur. The sewers are filled with many dangers, some of them tied to the darklands. What purpose would a drider have to come to the surface.
Drow- Dark Elf, Highly Misandric Matriarchal race. There are some drow who reject their evil upbringing and leave for the surface world. Such refugees are usually male and almost cretainly always prejudiced against.
Duergar- Dark Dwarf. Value hard work above all else and will enforce this with no moral qualms. A Duergar player may be looking for more slaves to work his or her mine.
Dwarf. Dwarves are common adventurers and fit the general dwarfishness in fantasy literature.
Elf. Golarion Elves have completely black eyes and are taller than humans. They are aloof creatures.
Fetchling- Dark Folk from the Plane of Shadow
Gargoyle. Monsters that pose as stone statues.
Gathlain- Small Michevous Fey creatures
Gillman- Fish People. Ancestors were humans warped by dark powers. These powers now subtly control the gillman race. In Golarion, the Gillmen are the last remnants of the once-proud Azlanti race of humans.
Gnome. Gnomes in Golarion must always seek out something interesting and entertaining in their lives. If they become too dull, they succumb to the bleaching.
Gnoll. Hyena people that live in savage cannibalistic societies. There are packs of them outside the city.
Goblin Goblins are all over the place in Golarion. In Absalom, organized crime syndicates like to use them as cannon fodder, if they can control them.
Grippli- Reclusive Jungle/Swamp Frog-People. Adventurers come to explore the world at large.
Halfling. Hobbits, basically. They are integrated into society.
Half-Elf. Offspring of elves and humans. Looked down upon by others in aristocracy, but humans like how attractive they are.
Half-Orc. Offspring of orcs and humans. Usually grunts of society because the world looks down upon them.
Hobgoblin. Militaristic goblinoids who
Human. Check the link for different ethnicities
Ifirt- Humans descended from Fire Elemental Creatures. Much like Aasimars, they can be in any human civilization/
Kasatha- 4-armed wasteland hunters. Small tribe lives on the island.
Kitsune- Trickster Fox shapeshifter. They can be among us!
Kobold. The mountains north of the city can have kobold colonies in them.
Lizardfolk. Some Lizardfolk leave their swamps on the mainland to experience life in other places.
Merfolk. Being a port town, Merfolk are able to come to the docs.
Nagaji- Snake-like people related to Nagas. Nagas are spiritual creatures and guardians of ancient lore. There could be come hidden on the island that Nagaji can worship.
Ogre. The hills have ogres in them and some may find it a good idea (with their limited intelligence) to go to town.
Orc. Orcs are in the city's underbelly. While most are tribal war-like monsters, Many absalomian orcs are fire power for underground organizations.
Oread- Humans descended from Earth Elemental creatures
Ratfolk- Anthropomorphic Rat. They live in the sewers and slums.
Samsaran- Nearly-enlightened beings that have been reincarnated many times
Strix- Dark-winged humanoids persecuted for their monstrous appearance
Suli- Descendents of human and Jann Genies
Svirfneblin- Deep Gnomes
Sylph- Humans descended from Air Element Creatures
Tengu- Raven people
Tiefling- Humans descended from fiends
Trox- Plated Insect Burrowers
Undine- Humans descended from Water Element Creatures
Vanara- Monkey People
Vishkanya- Known as Poison Maidens, Vishkanya can poison things with their spit, blood, etc
Wayang- Shadow Puppeteer from Plane of Shadow
Wyrwood- Small wooden robots
Wyvaran - Winged Kobolds descended from Wyverns
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