[Review(?)] Power Rangers Dino Charge

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[Review(?)] Power Rangers Dino Charge

Postby Hakase » Mon Sep 07, 2015 3:48 pm

Caution: The following review is based on predictable storytelling and tainted nostalgia. Expect snide remarks. Reader feedback is appreciated.

So, Power Rangers Dino Charge (PRDC), the 21st rendition of Rangers and the 3rd version involving dinosaurs. This is slightly more of a milestone than Mega Force turned out to be as this is the first Ranger series--and even the first Sentai series--to repeat a theme for the third time (Sentai's got a 3rd Ninja season out which'll become our second, unless you count the Ninjetti from way back in the day). Unfortunately, this story is rapidly resembling another Saban series...such a shame, Dino Charge had such potential.

Let's review: Ten Energems are lost to the world during the meteor fall that kills the dinosaurs. Roughly 65 million years later, only six have been found...and one is in enemy hands (more or less). Problem is, this is also a bit of a revenge quest for DC Red, who's father was lost due to the villain chosen by the gold energem. If this seems a bit familiar, remember that Ryan Steel (de facto leader of VR Troopers) joined up because his father was lost to the virtual world.

That's right: this just became VR Troopers Dino Charge.

Don't believe me? Villain Fury was stuck on Earth while his boss' ship was knocked out of Earth orbit for 65 million years (somehow missing all the sparefaring insanity of several other Rangers and villains). By the time the Red and Pink Energems are found, the ship has finally returned, and DC Red's dad was missing for a while before this. A few encounters after that, Fury is seen with a golden glow attempting to escape from his chest.

Is it really hard to imagine that DC Red's dad will escape to become the Dino Charge Gold Ranger? After all, Ryan's dad was eventually rescued.

Why, though? We can already tell that the violet gem will eventually be held by their female advisor and boss (especially since Keeper, the one who brought the Energems to Earth, is still alive and guiding alongside the future violet ranger), which would leave 4 Energems unaccounted for...if not for Fury's connection to the leader's dad. But, given the clip above--and his history with the Rangers in general--wasn't there a better choice for the most senior member of Dino Charge?

I'm speaking, of course, of Dr. Thomas Oliver, an archeologist and serial Ranger.

I don't make this suggestion lightly. The above team-up is gonna be tough since Saban left on particularly bad terms with the old cast and Dino Thunder's line-up was brought in during the Disney era...but we know JDF would jump at the chance to join another team of Rangers and his involvement might make both Mighty Morphin' and Dino Thunder more willing to let bygones be.

Besides, neither the Green Ranger nor Dino Thunder Black make an appearance during the tri-dino team-up. It's be rude not to invite 'im.

But that's not gonna happen because fun isn't drama. They're trying for a season with grit when Kyoryuger was initially a silly romp (based on first impressions) with more Rangers under one team banner than any other season prior (even Ninja Storm and Mystic Force). Maybe this'll be less of a train wreck than I think...but my expectations for the rest of the series are low.
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Re: [Review(?)] Power Rangers Dino Charge

Postby Xenotaris » Mon Sep 07, 2015 7:16 pm

I only saw the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, (with the original Dinobots and the Mythical Creatures)
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